Bridal Earrings

On your wedding day, everything needs to look perfect your jewelry included. The right jewelry needs to complement your dress and match the style you’re aiming for on your special day. You need bridal earrings that say “I do.”

This day will come once or twice for others -or thrice -but no matter the times your walk down the aisle everything needs to be perfect. Before going shopping for some bridal earrings, you must consider various factors that will help you select jewelry that complements your face or neck.

Choosing an accessory is hard, there are some that don’t work and there some that work well, what is the difference?  “Your face shape” When selecting the jewelry, the first step is to know the shape of your face. Second, you will have to know the types of wedding earrings for brides available. Lastly, there some do and don’t when buying and wearing the earrings you need to know.

The Various Shape Faces and Why They Influence the Selection of Bridal Earrings?

You stand to benefit, more by selecting the right jewelry than buying expensive bridal earrings. It only takes few minutes and simple tools to know your face shape. There are four to five kinds, and you probably know these three forms; an oval face, round face and square face. In addition to these, there is the heart shaped and the long face.

To know the shape of your face, grab a mirror, or walk to the bathroom mirror and mark small dots at the edges of your face. Now join them and after that, study the shape to know the type of face you have.

The areas you want to pay close attention to is the widest region of your face.

  • Heart Shape Face: The forehead the broadest part and the narrowest area is the chin. It’s just like the heart you get on Valentine’s Day.
  • Square Shape Face: The area around the chin line is the longest and almost equal to the forehead. If you have a square face, don’t grieve many models nowadays have square facial features.
  • Oval face: The area around the cheeks is the longer, and this is the most popular face –especially back in the 80’s –and is the most balanced. Most people with this kind of face can wear any bridal jewelry.
  • Round face: The face is area around the eyes is longer than any other place on your face. And earrings most suitable are long earrings.
  • Long face: The length from the forehead to the chin is longer than the horizontal length. Brides with this face will benefit by taking attention away from the length by wearing shorter earrings.

Matching Earring to the Face Shape

Earrings have one function only; complementing your face or neck. They come in different lengths and weights. For earrings, there are many brands that have gorgeous wedding earrings for brides, but first, we need to recognize the types and match them to the faces.

  • Square Shaped Face: For the square face you need wedding jewelry that will accentuate the jaw line. We want to take away the attention from the wider chin and instead, emphasize your eyes. You can pull off this look with an earring need that has more weight at the top and narrow towards the bottom.  The ideal earrings are Larger Stud earrings and hoop earrings. Keep away from long dangling earrings wide at the base.
  • Round Faces: For a round face, you need to take the attention away from the eyes and emphasize the neck and the narrower jaw line. The most appropriate bridal earrings are Chandelier earrings and long drop earrings. A round face offers many advantages; you will always look younger and have a soft face. Keep away from large Studs for a seamless look.
  • Oval Faces: You can look good in anything because of the wider cheek line which makes your face balanced. For this, the best bridal earrings are Studs, Tear Drop earrings and Dangling earrings. Remember you’re the envy of everyone, and we all want to have that face. Therefore, keep away from unreasonably long earrings, draw attention to the neck.
  • Heart Shaped Faces: Since the widest part is the forehead, you should aim to take attention away from the top and create more emphasis on the cheeks. We recommend long bridal earrings with rounded studs, big chandeliers and drop earrings with more weight. Don’t do long angular earrings; they take away emphasis from the middle region of the face.
  • Long Face: Balancing the jewelry is critical if you have a long face. You can choose wedding jewelry that has studs or wide hoops. Don’t do longer dangling earrings; they will just elongate your face. Ensure the earring is not too narrow or too long.

3 Wedding Jewelry Recommendations

You have all it takes to make the final walk down the aisle, your beautiful and you bridal jewelry looks great, or do it? Some of the things to avoid are:

Don’t Buy the Jewelry at the Last Moment

Although they are just accessories, wedding earrings for brides, give them top priority and ensure you have your earrings two months before the big day. You always have time to get news ones, in case you don’t like the earring.

Don’t Buy Cheap Earrings

Although the wedding lasts one day, don’t purchase bridal earrings, like you usually buy other accessories. Those Tiffany diamonds you see on magazine covers are worth every penny.

Don’t Wear the Same Earring all Day

After the wedding you need a fresh look, you still have your wedding dress on but changing the wedding jewelry will fresh up your look. This day comes once, do something different you won’t regret it.

Still wondering what to wear for your big day? We have the best recommendations for you. Of course, you need to know your face shape, to select the best accessories. We have a selection of the best bridal earrings and something special waiting for you.